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K-2 Grades Nutrition
(Hands-On Nutrition & STEM Activities)
Activity #1: All About Apples
Activity #2: Bean In A Bag
Activity #3: Crunching On Celery

Suggested 2019-2020 Calendar K-2 Grades timeline
Activity #1: October 2019
Activity #2: February 2020
Activity #3: April 2020

3-5 Grades Nutrition Lessons – Volume 1
Online Training Completion Dates (tutorial videos and lesson review)
October 11th: Lesson #1 Feed Your Engine – Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates
November 8th: Lesson #2 Feeding Your Engines Higher-Quality Foods
February 7th: Lesson #3 Food Investigator!
March 13th : Lesson #4 Start Your Engine with Higher-Quality Breakfast
April 17th: Lesson #5 Heed Your Warning Lights

*All suggest food samples are optional and not required to have a successful experience.

Suggested Lesson Schedule For Classes 2019-2020
Lesson #1: October 14th-25th
Lesson #2: November (work around Thanksgiving Holiday break)
Lesson #3: February 11th-22nd
Lesson #4: March 16th-27th
Lesson #5: April 20th-May 1st

*Dates above are to assist you with scheduling.


Lead Docent Toolkit


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