Kid Enjoying StrawberryAs a pioneer in school garden programs in Los Angeles since 1999, GrowingGreat has reached hundreds of thousands of children and their families with hands-on nutrition, garden, STEM and literacy education. We offer programs from preschool to high school, in Spanish and English, during and after school, and always with the opportunity to enjoy fresh, healthy foods.

We are committed to low-income families in our cement-covered city where a school garden may be a child’s only experience with living, growing things. That commitment has grown stronger through our virtual programs to support parents and children learning at home as a result of Covid-19. We offer distance learning activities free of charge to children in low-income communities. Please email info@growinggreat.org for more information. A collection of our activities and related videos can be found at delmonte.com/growinggreat.

Since 2019, we have extended our programs to thousands more children nationwide through the GrowingGreat Veggies & Fruits program, sponsored by Del Monte Foods and implemented at science centers, children’s museums and zoos. We believe every community, regardless of economic status, should have access to fresh produce, and all children should experience the joy of growing fruit and vegetables in their own garden.