From Our Community

Sharyn Clark

Maple Primary Center

“GrowingGreat helps us teach children to try new things and respect the likes of others. In interactive lessons, students use all five senses to learn about fruits and vegetables and make connections to their favorite books and stories. I know all of my teachers, especially my special needs teachers, love to have GrowingGreat visit their classrooms as many times as possible. It is rare that these children get programs just for them.”
Sharyn Clark, Principal, Maple Primary Center, Los Angeles Unified School District

Alison Diaz

Environmental Charter High School

“Through our partnership with GrowingGreat, our students are meeting chefs, learning about healthy eating and cooking meals that are both health-conscious and cost-effective. When they go on to college, these skills are more important that ever. Additionally, the hands-on learning aligns with our school’s best practices and helps our students learn through relevant and engaging content. GrowingGreat helps turn our students into community leaders.”
Alison Diaz, Executive Director, Environmental Charter Schools, Lawndale, CA

Angela Grey

St. Anthony of Padua School

“Our students and faculty enjoy GrowingGreat STEM lessons because they are hands-on activities, incorporating health and nutrition, led by seasoned professionals. As principal, I like the fact that the GrowingGreat staff guide and teach our classroom teachers and give ready-made templates for them to incorporate right away in their own science classes. This is wonderful for new and novice teachers. More experienced teachers enjoy the ease of the implementation of lesson plans, and are encouraged to teach more STEM lessons in their classes. The students love GrowingGreat!”
Angela Grey, Principal, St. Anthony of Padua School, Gardena, CA

Hardin Engelhardt

Marbles Kids Museum

“GrowingGreat’s My First Garden collaborative has been a great opportunity to weave together our garden, our garden-related exhibits, our cooking programming to serve vulnerable children, including families experiencing homelessness. GrowingGreat is a great source for museum-friendly activities and provides us a collaborative community.”
Hardin Englehardt, Vice President, Play, Marbles Kids Museum, Raleigh, NC

Jessica Wilson

Jessica Wilson, The Culinary Institute of America

“I participated in GrowingGreat’s nutrition program from third to fifth grade. I still remember learning to read the labels in the grocery store: the shorter the list of ingredients, the more likely it is to be good for you! GrowingGreat inspired me. Ever since elementary school I have wanted to become a chef. Now that dream is starting to come true – I am currently attending culinary school at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley.”
Jessica Wilson, Former GrowingGreat Student

Maria Beltran

Maria Beltran, St. Pius X St. Matthias Academy

“The most gratifying thing that I have done, alongside my friend Destiny Celio, was to create a school garden. It is all thanks to GrowingGreat that I believe this will be the most special mark I will leave on my high school when I graduate next year.”
Maria Beltran, Student, St. Pius X St. Matthias Academy