Peggy’s Nourishing Chicken Soup

Peggy's Nourishing Chicken Soup

Peggy’s Nourishing Chicken Soup

Stay warm and healthy this holiday season!

7 Tips for a strong Immune System.

Hydrate with plenty of water and herbal tea We love our Tulsi from organic India with raw sage honey.
Get plenty of rest and sleep
Exercise at least 3 times a week, yes walking counts!
Eat a variety of colorful organic fruits and vegetables
Minimize highly processed sugar and dairy
Keep Stress in check.
Make Soup! Chicken Soup not only nourishes our soul, but it’s amazing nutrients help us stay strong and healthy! Soup is even great to eat in the morning!

Peggy’s Nourishing Chicken Soup

1 large heavy stock-pot

Layer in the following:

5 chicken legs and 5 thighs separated, cleaned with Kosher or coarse salt

8-12 wings

2-3 backs

2 onions quartered

4- carrots cut into 3 pieces

2 ribs celery and some leaves cut into 3 pieces

1 leek cut into 3 pieces. Use white and green parts

1 parsnip cut up into 2 parts (optional) will make soup sweet tasting

4 or more whole crushed garlic cloves * not minced

2 Bay leaves

8 Peppercorns

Salt and pepper

Water to cover


Last hour of simmer, add;

4 springs Parsley ADD AT END of cooking

3 springs Dill  ADD AT END of cooking

2 springs thyme ADD AT END of cooking


•   Cover Chicken and vegetables with water in large stockpot.

•   Bring to a boil and let simmer for 2 hours.

•    After 2 hours remove meat from thighs and legs RETURN BONES to soup.

•   Save the chicken meat and refrigerate once cooled

•   Continue cooking for 6-12 hours or overnight partially covered.

•   In LAST HOUR of cooking ADD Fresh herbs.  Let cool before removing ingredients.

•   Remove chicken bones. Any extra meat, I save for my pup.

•   Separate broth and set aside.

•   *Save carrots, onions and leeks (white part only), to puree for making soup if desired.

•   Put everything in containers.  Once cooled, refrigerate over night or until fat rises to top. It takes approx 8 hours.

•   Skim fat off from broth.


Now you are ready to enjoy your clear nourishing broth or make a nourishing soup.


Making Soup

Place de-fatted soup in pot, and heat through.  Add shredded chicken, fresh sliced carrots for a clear broth or add pureed veggies* for a heartier flavorful soup.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.  Add cooked noodles or rice. Cooking noodles and rice in soup will use up broth, that is why I suggest using cooked grains and pasta.


Nice additions: green beans, half moon zucchinis, slivered greens like kale or swiss chard, shitaki mushrooms, spring onions, fresh garlic, fresh chili pepper, even more carrots and celery. Adding beans and lentils are great too!  Be creative and Enjoy the nourishment!


Stock and soup keeps up to 5 days refrigerated. Great to freeze in small batches.


Here’s to your health! Peggy



When you get sick…

Sore Throats and colds Happen, especially during the holidays. Ever Wonder Why it always happens around October through the holidays?

Stay away from processed sugar, dairy, and red meat. All of these are mucos forming foods.
Make Healing Soup Recipe follows
Keep warm and rested, wear a neck scarf when you go out into the cold.
Drink Cold Season Tea.

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