Press Kit – Our Impact

Our Impact

• GrowingGreat currently serves 16,000 students in Los Angeles County, operating in 32 schools in 12 school districts.

• Our curriculum is also implemented in 3 schools in Marin city, CA, 5 schools in Ojai, 1 school in Las Vegas,  NV and 12 schools in O’ahu, HI.

• Sixty five percent of the elementary schools we serve are considered Title 1.

Our Vision In The Next 5 Years

We envision GrowingGreat to be a more efficient and sustainable organization capable of meeting the increasing demand for our programs by:

1. Implementing a web-based K-5 school garden and nutrition education program.

2. Strategically targeting new schools.

3. Expanding out collaborations with non-profit and corporate partners.

Our goals by 2014

• Triple Impact with programs in over 100 schools.

• Balance of subsidized and pay to play schools.

• Scale programs nationally with an immediate focus on expansion throughout California.

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