Nutrition – V3 Lesson 2: Nutrition 101

Nutrition – Nutrition 101

Key Points

Nutrition 1010 gives you the information you need to teach Lesson 2.  You will learn that:

  • High-quality foods have beneficial properties, nutritional value and offer positive life force
  • Higher-quality foods offer our bodies long lasting sources of energy
  • High-quality foods have fewer ingredients, fewer additives, and recogizable nutrients
  • Eating lower-quality foods will lead to gas, heartburt, indegestion, and feeling cranky
  • Eating low-quality foods regularly can lead to illness and disease

Key Points

Students will be able to:

  • Identify high quality foods as whole foods close to their source and minally processed
  • Make informed, higher-qulaity choices about which foods they eat
  • Learn that lower-quality foods offer the least amount of beneficial nutrients and limited nutritional value
  • Understand the connection between eating high or low-quality foods and how these foods make us feel

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