Nutrition – V3 Lesson 2: In The Classroom

Nutrition – Nutrition 101

Key Points

Lesson 2 teaches students that high-quality foods are whole, close-to-the-source and keep our bodies happy and satisfied.  To teach this lesson, docents will need:

  • Printable Props:  Milk container, high-quality yogurt container, flavored yogurt container, box of low-quality snack bars
  • Script:  Practice, practice, practice!
  • Student Activity Sheets:  High-quality and low-quality food comparison sheet
  • “Grill Me About”: Remember to distribute this at the end of the lesson
  • Have fun!

Key Points

  • Review previous lesson and the car analogy:  P, F, C’s
  • Higher Quality Foods = Whole foods, closest to their source and minimally processed
  • Whole and closest to the source means that the foods look like it did in nature
  • Whole foods, close to the source have much nutrional value and give us long-lasting energy (i.e. Whole Apple)
  • Minimally processed means that there has been a small amount of change in the food from nature (i.e.  Applesauce)

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