Nutrition – V3 Lesson 1b: Nutrition 101

Nutrition Training – Nutrition 101

Key Points

Nutrition 101 provides background information you will need to feel comfortable teaching Lesson #1: Feed Your Engine Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates. Remember that:

  • Highly processed foods have been changed drastically from their orginal state
  • Processed foods have had some or all of their nutrients removed
  • Our bodies need three types of foods to perform at their best:  proteins, fats and carbohydrates

Key Points

  • There are different categories of proteins: animal, vegetable and dairy
  • Our bodies need beneficial fats to think clearly, concentrate longer and feel full longer after eating
  • Carbohydrates give us energy and include whole grains and whole fruits and vegetables
  • Remember that there are red flags (added ingredients) that can be found by reading ingredient lists
  • It is important to eat foods that contain whole grain flour
  • Advertising campaigns can deceive audiences into buying lower-quality foods

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