Nutrition – V3 Lesson 1b: In The Classroom

Nutrition Training – In The Classroom

Key Points

This lesson will help returning GrowingGreat students review nutrition lessons from the previous year.  This lesson:

  • Reinforces concepts your class learned in previous GrowingGreat lessons
  • Reminds students of the three characteristics of high-quality foods: whole, close-to-the-source, minimally processed
  • Allows students to engage in active learning through a fun, review challenge game

Key Points

Through a review challenge game, students remember that:

  • High-quality proteins, fats and carbohydrates fuel our bodies to perform at their best
  • Ingredient lists help identify red flags, harmful to our health
  • Beneficial fats are fuels that benefit our body
  • Eating whole-grain foods give us more nutrients and energy
  • Advertising techniques impact which foods we buy from stores

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