Healthy Eating Month Interview With Chris Garasic

Chris GarasicChris Garasic
Profession: Executive Chef
Location: Shade Hotel

What does healthy eating mean to you?
Healthy eating means the use of all the freshest and nutrient packed foods you can get your hands on. The way you cook and prepare these items to truly utilize the products nutritional value and having it taste fantastic at the same time.

Why do you think it’s important for children to learn about healthy eating?
It is important for our little ones to learn about heatlhy eating because not only does it make you feel great and vibrant but helps a young body grow up strong, making sure you are eating right and getting the important vitamins and minerals is important for young people to grow up to be healthy young adults that ultimately kick starts a long healthy life.

What can we do to urge children to choose healthy options?
There are a few things we can do to urge our young children to choose healthier options. First, is in the presentation and preparation of these so called scary healthy items. There are simple ways to manipulate food items no matter how healthy to make it fun and taste great. Two, having your little ones help and interact in the cooking preparation and process always helps things taste better and more appealing. I know this helped me when I was younger and helping my mom in the kitchen. Third, explaining to our little ones why it’s important and education them on what each healthy item they are consuming does for their body, example the ol’ spinach and Popeye theory is always a good one.

What experiences in your childhood inspired you to cook and eat healthy foods?
The experiences I had growing up that inspired me to eat and to cook healthy were the times spent in the kitchen with myh mom. As busy as she was she always made time for home cooked meals from scratch. Me being the oldest of four always pushed to help out and chop things up for her to cut her prep time in half. I was a Garde Manger master at a young age needless to say but eventually graduate to the grilling of meats and fish which is a great and healthy way to cook and eat your favorite proteins.

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