Healthy Eating Month Interview With Antonio Votta

Chef Antonio VottaAntonio Votta
Profession: Chef De Cuisine
Location: MB Post

What does healthy eating mean to you?
The first thing that comes in mind is being Natural. Going out to the market or farm and sourcing the freshest, local, and organically cared-for products. Also purchasing meat or seafood from purveyors that put soul and love in their care for the animals they raise or catch. Starting off with great products that have not been processed or affected by hormones, pesticides, or antibiotics is the key to creating any healthy meal.

Then getting the opportunity of taking those amazing ingredients and develop them from start to finish, applying simple techniques to really enhance the flavors and texture but keeping the integrity of the product the way nature intended.

Why do you think it is important for children to learn about healthy eating?
It is important to know the different choices and options they have when it comes to deciding what they consume daily. The earlier in life they are made aware about their options and choices the greater impact on their dietary decision-making as an adult.

What can we do to urge children to choose healthy options?
Getting children involved in the kitchen!! Showing them differences and teaching them the why’s behind making food from scratch vs. buying or eating processed foods. This allows an opportunity to display how to be engaged with their food and make cooking healthy fun!

What experiences in your childhood inspired you to cook and eat healthy foods?
Growing up in a family where my Mom cooked everything for us 7 days a week really showed me that there were tons of options when it came to food. I would always want to help her make meals whether itwas breakfast, lunch, or dinner. She showed me that great, tasty and healthy food was made by dedicating time and true love into what you’re creating and experiencing that is what had the biggest inspiration in why I love to cook and eat healthy!

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