Happy Holidays from the Garden

“It has been two fantastic first months working for GrowingGreat and I have loved every moment so far,” says Garden Educator Monica Moncada. “My educational background is in anthropology and I have always been fascinated by the complex interactions between humans and plant life. Before GrowingGreat I found myself in museum education facilitating K-12 urban agriculture workshops for students from primarily Title 1 schools. Growing up attending grade school within LAUSD, I am very aware of the lack of opportunities students have to learn outside the classroom. So, it is exciting to be part of an organization like GrowingGreat where I can work alongside students and their families facilitating hands-on gardening activities. I want to work to empower every student to grow something in their community and know they can whether or not they have a yard.”

Wishing all of our GrowingGreat supporters a green space to enjoy and a happy, healthy holiday season!

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