GrowingGreat Goes to New York

Thanks to a generous donation from the Howard Hughes Corporation, GrowingGreat launched the nutrition program at Blue School in Seaport Village, New York on December 3rd and 4th, 2013.


A long-time GrowingGreat super-docent, Lisa Crumb, taught lesson #1, “Feed Your Engines: Protein, Fats, and Carbohydrates” to the Blue School students in grades three through five. The children were ecstatic to learn about the foods that fuel our bodies, and they loved their turkey-cheese-lettuce roll up. The students had so many great questions and are really looking forward to their next lesson taught by Ms. Carrie, Blue School’s science teacher.

While in New York, the GrowingGreat team was also able to conduct a workshop that offered healthy snack ideas and tips for stocking the home pantry for Blue School parents.  They got to take home information sheets that included fruit and vegetable fun facts and healthy recipes. GrowingGreat also held a morning fuel-up session that provided parents with a pumpkin pie spice smoothie to try as they dropped off their kids at school.

The GrowingGreat team is looking forward to returning to Blue School in the spring of 2014 to check in with the program and host another parent workshop and morning fuel-up. We can’t wait to see how much the students have learned by then!IMG_4909


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