GrowingGreat Docent, Jennifer Conlon


“There’s definitely magic in eating food that you grew and picked yourself.  I think all the kids feel it.” -Jennifer Conlon

SHE VOLUNTEERS AT: Linwood E. Howe Elementary in Culver City
SHE IS BEING RECOGNIZED FOR: Her Outstanding Use of Teaching Visuals
HER AWESOME ADVICE FOR OTHER DOCENTS: “…just remember how amazed the children are about everything you are teaching them in and out of the garden, even if you’re just learning yourself.  You can’t go wrong listening to all their little stories and talking about nature and watching the plants grow. And they DO grow – the simplicity of the whole thing will surprise you when you’re done and then you’ll be hooked!”

GrowingGreat could not be happier that Jennifer Conlon is a part of our team.  Jennifer told GrowingGreat she volunteers because she is “…passionate about gardening, growing food, and being connected to our planet.”  Her passion is obvious in the way she pours her artistic and teaching skills into her work as a GrowingGreat docent.  In order to guarantee that children are understanding the concepts that she is teaching, she creates excellent teaching visuals that help her get her point across.  See the pictures below for a few more outstanding examples of her work.

plantparts1 endangered-front-2 sunflower-and-pumpkins-board-3


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