Are you a parent?

If you are, then you understand that parents will do anything to make sure that their children have happy, healthy futures. And you must also know that when many parents join forces, they can transform whole communities in the name of their children.

Seventeen years after three mothers founded GrowingGreat, another group of mothers is working to create a healthier community for their children in the heart of Los Angeles.

The mothers from the Para Los Niños Parent Coalition are realistic about the barriers that their low-income community faces, but are determined to overcome them. With GrowingGreat as advisors, they have already created a Healthy Kids Passport to help educate other parents about how to bring colorful fruits and vegetables into their kids’ lives.

grattsgardenwheelsBut they want to do more.  They dream about teaching every youth in their community how to grow plants and how fresh, whole foods will help them grow up healthy.


One of our GrowingGreat donors is matching every #GivingTuesday dollar we receive between now and November 30th! Please click HERE to help these determined mothers (fathers and grandparents too!) create a healthier environment for children in downtown Los Angeles.


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