Lori, Peggy and Marika

GrowingGreat was created from our mutual passion for educating our families and community about the importance of food for their health. Our initial step building school gardens encouraged students to discover the magic of eating food grown by their own hands. We added interactive nutrition education and farm to school harvest tastings to further students’ understanding of the link between fresh food and their health. Collectively GrowingGreat empowers students and their families with the knowledge and necessary tools to make healthier choices. Twelve years ago we planted the seeds, today we are ecstatic with our results. Healthy Food. Healthy Families. Healthy Futures.Lori, Peggy and Marika

Marika Bergsund is the original founder of GrowingGreat, starting its first elementary school garden in 1999. She served as Executive Director through 2006, and currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors. She is currently Director of GrowingGreat Marin City, a garden, nutrition education, food access and community building program begun in summer 2009 as a partnership between the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Milagro Foundation, GrowingGreat and the Sausalito Marin City School District.

Peggy Curry is co-founder of GrowingGreat, spearheading the development of the Classroom Nutrition and farm-to-school program. Curry began her career as a Special Education teacher in grades six through nine, and special education special projects administrator for nine years. She co-authored the interactive Classroom Nutrition Lesson curriculum, designed and still leads some of the volunteer trainings. Using her experience in food manufacturing and retail sales, she helped develop GrowingGreat’s corporate partnerships and program food procurement. Curry loves every aspect of food, and is passionate about educating and inspiring others to understand the benefit food has on our overall health.

Lori Sherman is a co-founder of GrowingGreat. She co-authored the Classroom Nutrition program curriculum and training modules. She served as Program Manager for the Classroom Nutrition Program for five years. Lori continues to contribute lessons and supporting materials to GrowingGreat.

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