Sharon Cohen

Sharon Cohen - Garden EducatorSharon Cohen has been passionate about gardening since she was a young child in South Africa. After completing college, she moved to Israel and lived on a kibbutz where she managed the grounds. After relocating to the States, she built a successful career in writing and marketing. As marketing director of The Maya Group, Sharon launched and managed several toy brands. In addition to various career roles in writing, editing and marketing, she dedicated time to humanitarian and environmental causes. Living in Israel from 2014 to 2016 she led a volunteer group focused on the wellbeing of children of African asylum seekers. She also directed volunteer efforts for GrowingGreat at Robinson School from 2003 to 2007 where she led nutrition classes and the Cafeteria Healthy Snack program. She returns to GrowingGreat as a Garden Educator with strong beliefs that we can save our planet and improve our health by growing our own fruits and vegetables. She has a Masters in Journalism from Temple University, Philadelphia PA. Sharon is passionate about gardening, traveling, learning Spanish, documentary films, environmental issues, and political activism.