Jill Coons

Jill Coons comes to GrowingGreat with a background in sustainable gardens, youth nutrition, and volunteer and business coordination.  A graduate of The University of Arizona in Agriculture with an emphasis in Landscape Architecture, Jill has pursued many aspects of her educational background. Since 2003, she has been the GrowingGreat garden coordinator for Pacific Elementary, developing and implementing hands on curriculum.

Jill expanded her passion for garden education to include teaching GrowingGreat nutrition lessons.  During her time as Program Director for GrowingGreat, Jill has developed a strong understanding of coordinating long-term relationships with administrators, teachers, and volunteers.  Outside of GrowingGreat, Jill currently serves on the Board of Trustees for The Warren Neely Foundation, a philanthropic organization that grants money to deserving youth, clubs, and communities throughout California. Jill lives in Manhattan Beach where she loves spending her free time with her husband, David, and her three sons.