Seeds to STEM

NIH Science Education Partnership Award

NIH Science Education Partnership Award

Would you like to join our national early childhood program? Email and we’ll send you all the details. GrowingGreat is honored to be a subcontractor on an NIH Science Education Partnership Award for children ages 3-5, their teachers and caregivers. Seeds to STEM promotes early science, technology, engineering and math skills, literacy and nutrition to help prepare children for kindergarten. Please click here for more information about our partner program at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. Seeds to STEM is offered free of charge in under-resourced neighborhoods. Please click here for our press release.

Examples of Seeds to STEM activities include:

Exploring Fruits & Veggies, Family Food Favorites, Growing Your Own Food, Parts of a Plant, Mindful Eating, MyPlate, Healthy Helpers, Farm to Table, Living and Non-living, Composting and Decomposers, Pollinators in the City, Water Cycle, Seeds on the Move, Water for Everyone, Let the Sun Shine, Soup to Share

Los Angeles Schools that are already on our list include:

37th St. Early Education Center (EEC)
Alexandria EEC
Aloha Learning Center
Christian Fellowship
Dayton Heights EEC
Glenfeliz EEC
Gratts EEC
Green Center
Hooper Ave Primary Center
Maple Primary Center
Oceanside Learning Academy
St. John Center
West Blvd.
Young Innovators